Training Courses for Organisations.

Counselling & Coaching Solutions provides in-house training courses to private and public sector organisations in Glasgow, Edinburgh and throughout Central Scotland. Our training courses have been developed with expertise gained in over 30 years of working with various industries. Our trainers also have extensive knowledge based on practical business experience and our training courses are regularly reviewed to offer the most up-to-date information and course materials. Our training courses are adapted to your own organisation and range from 3hrs seminars to full day courses. Our trainers offer expert tuition, support and guidance in the following areas:


  • Handling Stress Positively

  • Stress in the Workplace

  • Personal problems at work

  • Harassment awareness for Managers

  • Bullying & harassment in the Workplace

  • Harassment in the Workplace – for volunteer advisors

  • Nipping it in the bud - conflict management skills for line managers

  • Good times/Bad times: Supporting employees whatever the climate

  • Promoting and managing mental health and well being in your workplace


We are always happy to design and deliver training programmes to meet your needs. Every training course has clear aims and objectives and is evaluated afterwards.


Other training

Counselling and Coaching Solutions can provide tailor made training for your organisation. Such training can be made up from the training courses currently available or be in areas of particular need for your organisation such as:

  • Traumatic Incidents at work
  • Dealing with aggressive behaviour
  • Preparing employees to handle difficult situations at work

To find out more about how our training can help you maximise the potential of your employees please contact us.