The Value of Early Intervention and our  Employee Assistance Programme

At Counselling & Coaching Solutions we firmly believe in the value of early intervention and our Employee Assistance Programme is a powerful management tool with an early intervention philosophy at its heart. It can help your organisation reduce absenteeism and minimise the impact of any distractions on an employee's ability to function and focus while at work.

Our EAP is an external, confidential service providing counselling and support to your staff and your managers.

Our counsellors are highly experienced in the EAP field and maintain membership of their appropriate professional bodies.

Counselling and Coaching Solutions has developed a number of services to meet the needs of employers seeking rapid and effective interventions for their staff.

We provide a full affiliation package throughout Glasgow, Edinburgh and The Central Belt, including all the services outlined below. We are also happy to put together flexible, individual packages to suit the needs of your organisation.

Full affiliation to our EAP service is based on the number of employees to be covered and provides your organisation with:


  • Face to Face and Telephone Counselling

Employer referral and self referral appointments available within one week of contact at a range of venues across Scotland or by telephone.

Working within a short-term, solution-focused  counselling framework to assist individuals with problems at work or personal problems that are affecting their work performance. This may include addiction issues, stress, bereavement, family and relationship problems, conflicts in the workplace, and any other issues.

In the case of telephone counselling,  Counselling & Coaching Solutions meets the cost of the call.

  • E-counselling

This service involves a short-term exchange of emails, although not an instant messaging service. It is designed to assist an individual in clarifying what their issues are and to identify a positive direction to move forward.  

  • Critical Incident Support

Support and counselling for employees who have been involved in incidents of violence, aggressive behaviour or serious injury. We also provide support to managers who are dealing with the aftermath of such an incident.

  • Website Resource Section

Instant access to a range of informative factsheets, self help tools and links to other useful websites. For employers there is a range of promotional materials to encourage employee engagement available to download.

  • Management Support

General advice, information and support from one of our directors for managers dealing with sensitive situations.

Support in implementing sickness absence, Health & Safety, substance abuse, staff wellbeing and dignity at work policies.

  • Service Reports

Regular attendance reports for employer referrals, statistical feedback on all referrals using Health & Safety Executive's Management Standards on Stress and regular review meetings.

  • Presentations

Up to three presentations each year to organisational staff about our EAP, what we offer and how they can access the service. 

  •  Additional Services

Access to our training, mindfulness skills training, mediation and corporate coaching services at a reduced cost. 


To find out more about how our Employee Assistance Programme can help you maximise the potential of your employees please contact us.