Fiona Hutchison

Fiona Hutchison BA (Hons) Psych & Phil.

Master Practitioner in NLP. 


I started my career as a language and business communication trainer; living in Europe for ten years where I worked with organisations such as IBM in Spain and the Dresdner Bank in Germany. I loved helping clients achieve their goals while I was also living out my own youthful dreams.

When I returned to Scotland in 1994 I married and became a partner in our family farming business. My first passion, however, still lay in helping others overcome their difficulties and find their way forward so I trained and worked as a relationship counsellor for five years.

For the next 15 years I worked firstly as a counsellor and then as a senior counsellor at the Employee Counselling Service; who started in the shipyards of Glasgow in 1976 and went on to become one of the largest EAP providers in Scotland. I achieved BACP accreditation and also trained as a coach and as a supervisor in this time. Sadly the Employee Counselling Service ceased trading in 2015 and my colleague June Rattray and I decided to form our own business; to continue with the work that we are passionate about doing. That was the beginning of Counselling and Coaching Solutions.

June Rattray

June Rattray BSc (Hons) Psychology

My career in counselling began with an interest in human behaviour and the desire to help people make positive changes to their lives.  This led to my psychology and counselling studies and in 2004 I began counselling individuals and couples.  This work has continued to date along with my strong belief in the importance of human relationships. My enthusiasm in the counselling process carried on throughout the 6 years I lectured in Counselling and Psychology at HNC and NC levels.  During this time I gained an understanding of many counselling disciplines, along with increasing and challenging my own knowledge and skills. 

In 2009 I began working with children & young people. This work was immensely rewarding and broadened my belief in the importance of human relationships at all stages of life. Around this time Mindfulness became part of my life and I enjoy working in this way with clients and groups.  Most recently I was part of the Employee Counselling Service team, where I worked for 8 years.  During this time I achieved BACP accreditation and also became an experienced clinical supervisor, group worker and part of the management team.  I gained further skills in working with critical incident situations and post traumatic stress and I aim to continue providing these services as part of Counselling & Coaching Solutions.  




Dedicated Counsellors, Coaches, CBT Therapists and Mediators.

Our dedicated team of professionals includes counsellors, CBT therapists, coaches, mediators and trainers who are all highly trained and keep up-to-date with current thinking in their fields. They each also have many years experience working within a wide range of settings.

Our counsellors and CBT therapists maintain membership of their appropriate professional bodies and adhere to their codes of ethics and good practice. This provides our staff with support and guidance and ensures that we maintain the highest standards of practice.

Providing professional counselling in Glasgow, Edinburgh and throughout The Central Belt.